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At Glow Dental, we understand everyone we treat in our modern dental clinic is unique. We all have our own stories, experience, goals, and vision of how we want our smiles to be. In your smile journey with Glow Dental, you will experience a very personalized touch to achieve your dream smile. Give us a call and book in your next dental appointment – we’ll look after your smile, so you can glow with confidence!

Dental Services

We offer an extensive range of dental services, including regular examinations, professional cleaning, general dentistry, and specific dental treatments:

The Glow Dental Difference...

State-Of-The-Art Dental Clinic

Glow Dental was designed and built to embrace the latest innovations and technology. We use high-quality equipment and materials for diagnosis and treatment. Your health & safety is our top priority. We follow very strict infection control, sterilisation protocols and adhere to the requirements laid out by the Dental Council.

Clinical Excellence

Our dental clinicians at Glow Dental love what they do and strive to be the best. Extensive clinical knowledge and high-quality workmanship are just pre-requisites to Glow Dental.


We understand we all have busy lives and getting to the dentist can be challenging when you have so many things to juggle.  At Glow Dental, we offer late nights, weekend appointments, free onsite parking and same-day emergency dental appointments so that taking care of your teeth is as easy as it should be.

We Communicate

Glow Dental’s philosophy revolves around trust, honesty, and transparency. We will communicate as openly as possible to make sure you can make the most optimal informed decision about your dental health.

Dental Conditions Treated by Glow Dental Dentists

Our experienced dentists are here to help you understand what dental conditions you are currently having and will be able to treat you on the best course of action. We cover a broad range of dental conditions, here are the most common conditions experienced by our patients:

Dental Memberships & Accreditations

Glow Dental are members and accredited by the following dental governing bodies
Progressive Orthodontic Seminars
New Zealand Dental Association
International Academy of Advanced Dentistry Logo

Cosmetic and General Dental Care in Auckland

Glow Dental is a modern dental practice located on Lunn Avenue, Stonefields, Auckland. Our patients get to experience a fully-featured private dental practice, offering extensive dental services.

Glow Dental offers customised dental services and a wide range of treatments in a non-judgemental, modern and friendly environment for all patients. We ask you to reach out and contact our team and book a consultation with us if you are looking for a dentist in Auckland.

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