Impacted Wisdom Teeth – The Solution is Easier Than You Think

As they are better known, our third molars, or wisdom teeth, provide a fantastic illustration of how humans have evolved over the millennia. Years ago, our ancestors had larger jaws and needed more robust teeth. Today, we have neither the need nor space for those extra teeth. Yet, for most of us, they still develop.

If you are experiencing the soreness and discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth, you will be more interested in what can be done about it than in the anthropology lesson. At Glow Dental, help is at hand. We deal with impacted wisdom teeth all the time, and the solution is unlikely to be as tricky or invasive as you might think.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Unpredictable Wisdom Teeth Eruptions


Our teeth develop in different stages as we grow. The very last stage of teeth development is the eruption of the third molars. Typically, this occurs in the late teens or early 20s, but it can be later. For some people, the eruption goes smoothly, and there is no more discomfort than when teething as an infant.


However, due to how the shape of the face has evolved, it is common for the third molars to grow at an angle or even horizontally, meaning they become impacted against neighbouring teeth and do not erupt in line.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Trouble


Sometimes, the wisdom teeth remain buried in the jaw and do not erupt. In these cases, they give no discomfort and can be left as they are. However, what is more, common is for the wisdom teeth to partially erupt, impacting against the neighbouring teeth and irritating the gums.


This includes pain that can radiate from the jaw to the ear and tender or swollen gums. You might also find it difficult to open your mouth wide or experience an unpleasant “clicking” sensation when you try to do so.

Treating Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Your dentist at Glow Dental will quickly be able to diagnose impacted wisdom teeth by performing a full examination, asking you some questions and taking x-rays. We do not need third molars with our 21st-century eating habits, so if they give you trouble or are likely to do so, the best solution is to have them extracted.

Removing wisdom teeth is a routine procedure at Glow Dental and is nothing to worry about. As with any other extraction, you will be anaesthetised so you won’t feel a thing, and we will do all we can to keep any discomfort or soreness after the procedure to a minimum.



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