Halitosis – You Don’t Have To Live With It

If you have tooth decay, gum disease or some other dental problem, there are plenty of clues. But one of the most common is something that patients are always reluctant to discuss. While toothache, inflammation or bleeding are easy to discuss, it can be embarrassing to talk about bad breath or halitosis. But to a dentist, this is just another symptom that can help identify a root cause. So let’s take a deep breath and face halitosis head-on.

Causes of Bad Breath


There are numerous possible causes of halitosis. Some stem from dental problems, some from other medical conditions and some are due to lifestyle choices. For example, smoking and not drinking enough water can both cause bad breath but are not related to medical or dental health conditions. 


A foul smell from the mouth is a symptom of tooth decay, so if your halitosis has only come on recently and you have not made any lifestyle changes, this is certainly a possible cause. Bad breath can also result if you do not follow effective oral hygiene practices. Failure to brush and floss your teeth, or doing so ineffectually, allows plaque and other deposits to build up, and these can have a distinctive and unpleasant smell. 

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Seeing Your Dentist About Halitosis


There is only one certain way to establish whether your bad breath is caused by a dental problem, and that is to discuss it with your dentist. Be ready to answer some questions about your condition, including how long it has been going on, whether the smell has changed or worsened and if there are any other symptoms you have noticed, such as swollen or bleeding gums. Also, be prepared to give an honest account of your dental hygiene habits. 

Treatments for Bad Breath


The information you provide, along with what the dentist sees during an examination, will help to identify whether there is an issue with your teeth or gums that is causing bad breath. The exact remedy will depend on what the dentist discovers, but if, for example, there is tooth decay present, it can be resolved by removing the decay and installing a filling. Alternatively, the dentist might refer you to the hygienist, who can provide some advice and coaching on how to step up your oral hygiene routine.


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