Yellow or Discoloured Teeth? Let’s Brighten up Your Smile

Tooth discolouration is a common dental condition that we see in patients of all ages. There are various causes of discoloured teeth, but the good news is that transforming your smile into one you want to show off instead of hide is usually quite simple and painless.

Yellow Teeth Treatment
Yellow Teeth

Reasons for Discoloured or Yellow Teeth


There are two fundamental types of discolouration that might cause your teeth to take on a yellowish hue or exhibit dark streaks and blotches. Extrinsic discolouration is brought on by external factors such as food and lifestyle, while with intrinsic discolouration, the cause lies within the tooth itself. Let’s look more closely at each in turn.


The external discolouration is the easiest to diagnose, treat and prevent. It is simply staining caused by whatever is coming into contact with the outer surface of your teeth. Food and drink are the most common culprits, with tea, coffee, and cola drinks particularly high on the suspect list. Smoking will also cause discolouration, and poor dental hygiene habits will exacerbate the problem by allowing deposits to build up. 


Intrinsic discolouration is a little more complex. This is when the dentine, which lies just below the outer surface, darkens. It can be caused by tooth decay, infection or even trauma that has disturbed the tooth and its root. Also, some prescription drugs can cause intrinsic discolouration, including antihistamines and blood pressure medication.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Discoloured Teeth


If you have discoloured teeth, we understand that it can have a real impact on your life, making you self-conscious about smiling or even looking people in the face. There’s no need to just live with it, and the first step towards solving the problem is to book an appointment with a dentist at Glow Dental.

First, we need to establish whether the discolouration is of the extrinsic or intrinsic variety. This will become obvious when the dentist examines your teeth and asks a few questions about your medical history and your dietary and lifestyle habits. In the majority of cases, the causes are extrinsic, and a clean and polish will make a world of difference. Your dentist will also offer some advice on how to reduce discolouration in future.

When the root cause is intrinsic, the solution might be a little more complex. However, there are different options available, ranging from whitening to veneers, and your dentist will work with you to come up with the solution that best fits your personal circumstances.


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