Emergency Dental Services from Glow Dental in Stonefields, Auckland

If You Have Contact Pain in Your Teeth or Gums or Have Severely Damaged Your Teeth You Will Require Urgent Dental Services

At Glow Dental, we understand that emergency dental work can be required any day of the week and any time of the day, that is why we arrange emergency dental appointments for serious dental problems. These can include acute toothache, chipped or broken teeth and infected teeth.

Emergency Dentistry Auckland

Common Dental Injuries

It is not surprising that certain dental emergencies occur more regularly than others. The loss of a tooth is one of the most common reasons to require emergency dental care, and this can happen from falling off a bike, or a sporting event. Even the eating of hard food, such as rock candy can cause teeth to become chipped or broken and requiring emergency dental treatment.

Dental Symptoms Requiring Emergency Treatment

Receiving trauma to your teeth, which causes you to have a chipped, broken, or complete tooth loss you may need to see an emergency dentist because of incessant swelling or infection in the gum around a tooth. Dental emergencies can happen without warning and can, quite quickly cause a lot of pain. If you suddenly notice bleeding or swollen gums, or significant swelling around the jaw or mouth we recommend that you contact us for emergency dentistry.


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